Delightful, relaxing, interactive bubble tubes

Mike Ayres Design creates fabulous bubble tubes!

These beautiful LED lit columns of bubbling water, in jewel-like colours, can be used simply to decorate and enhance a space.

As well as changing colour tubes, we make interactive bubble tubes with controls for both the bubbles and the colour, letting you create your own ambience.

Whether it’s a Reception area or waiting room, a playroom or rest area, our colourful bubble tubes make a refreshing visual and aural treat!

The ideal interactive tool for teaching, therapy and fun
They’re not just gorgeous to look at. Bubble tubes are also highly educational, used to teach vital life skills like understanding cause and effect, making choices, matching colours and establishing vertical visual tracking.
Playing games with bubble tubes, singly and in groups, also helps people strengthen their social skills in a fun, lively way.

Easy access for everyone
Mike Ayres’ bubble tubes have been designed specifically to give easy access to highly dependent people. Wheelchair users can touch and experience it from their chair. We’ve even created a comfortable bubble tube surround cushion so people can lie close to it for an extra-intimate sensory experience.

The daddy of all bubble tubes!
Mike Ayres’ bubble tubes are the brightest and most colourful available, making them an unforgettable experience for people with a wide range of abilities. They also give you the best level of interactivity; fourteen different programmes, eight softly changing bubble colours and a multitude of functions to play with for endless variety!

We also make amazing ball bubble tubes, containing brightly coloured balls as well as bubbles… a particularly powerful therapeutic tool.

Want to find out more?
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